H e l e n a

H a n d c a r t

6/8 Studio April 7 2006

the ones with an * are really worth the bother


sort of starts out like Isaac Hayes with a liberal helping of Jackie Mittoo and then...


nice hats...

one of those pseudo latin things...
*Rack and Ruin
could do with a heavier mix...must do more of this kind of thing just for laughs
*Snow in April
ah the lyrical thing...ahhh. Parabola  
Caulk Rack
not as annoying as I thought it was
I remixed it...
...out of wood
country. Yee hah! impeach the bastard
*zzzZap! Blister
not sure why it is called that - it just seemed appropriate somehow. I find this very compelling... some beef I must admit