VERSION 'pon VERSION 'pon VERSION...! you will find 5 versions/dubplates built on a previous ACEtone Records track (Be Strong Dub) - now featuring vocals by Idren Natural and Dubs/instrumentals by ACEtone/Eating Betty.

1. Good and Strong - Idren Natural and Eating Betty

2. Good and Strong Dub - Idren Natural and Eating Betty

3. Good and Strong (Extended) - Idren Natural and Eating Betty

4. Good and Dub - Eating Betty

5. Crocus Bag - Eating Betty


FREE DOWNLOAD! (right click, 'save link as' to download 53.9mb .zip archive)

Thanks and Praise to Idren Natural for his vocal contribution.

You can see him interviewed in this video:

See 2nd clip from the top.


The Story behind the GOOD AND STRONG EP:


Having heard and enjoyed Eating Betty's 'Every Spoil a Dub' album, Callum of Culture Reggae and Sama Sound System asked if he could get an unmixed riddim of 'Be Strong Dub'. No problem! Soon after the riddim was supplied Idren Natural's vocal parts magically appeared for mixing back at ACEtone Studio. The resulting versions and mixes are brand new fresh takes on the original 'Be Strong' track with new vocals, percussion, melodica and a Mittoo inspired organ workout.

Some of these versions are being played out by Sama Sound System in the UK and now these 5 high quality Dubplates are freely available to whoever wants to listen, play them in di dance, on the radio etc. And don't forget to check the previous Eating Betty releases which you can find out about here...

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