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formed at 9.15pm on March 16th 2007 at 6/8 studio and disbanded shortly thereafter at about 1.00am at 11th street and Avenue A in Manhattan, Globule exhibit divergant musical styles and aptly demonstrate that it is better to sow than it is to reap. Tell that to a fucking farmer. Monsanto is evil. For surely it is a less felicitous task to enter the door of the studio with trepidation and heavy instruments than it is to verily I say leave it sober and unadorned with a wealth of kisses from the muse. Hobbies include (actual) space exploration, discovering cures for previously incurable diseases before breakfast, pinball, world domination and wine and cheese tasting competitions. Just how much Stilton can YOU take?

when did you stop being you?

did I mix the bass way to loud here or what?

surf 101

what can I say? Nice

rome burns

who needs a damn hi-hat anyway?!

praise cheeses

dig those toms! Sloppy guitar - oh well, it sounds good

pent up

this was the first track. Not bad at all. 2-1/2 minutes of joy


we ain't no Zeppelin. Not as terrible as I thought. Crappy slide

just north of the border
caramba! Latin Country
dirty messy stoopid fun
blazz jues
solo mania patterns man
help me lemmy!
we so baaad!

don't know what we were getting at but it sounds OK