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updated March 14, 2008

'No walls can stop the vibrations of Eating Betty...An excellent, deep selection of cuts" - Cornelius S

the podcast has proven popular and I should do another at some point, time permitting. Lots of commentary, some links to video - news on progress of the 'Every Spoil A Dub' collection, currently in slow motion, Peckinpah stylee...all at the ACEtone Studio blog

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...recently returned from a bizarre and fascinating experience in Gothenburg, Sweden. Here's the audio from the gig...and pictures of the participants...

Eating Betty's 'Underground Roots' (download below) gets first play on Matt Toffee's excellent Toffeetronic Podcast here: ...Many thanks Matt!

Webpage for the ACEtone ALLstars Recorded live at 6/8 Studio, mixed at ACEtone Studio

A review of 'Reverbalism' by Karsten Frehe at IRIE ITES website reads as follows (auf Deutsch, danke!):

Dub is outernational! Soweit zu einer Binsenweisheit am Anfang dieses Textes. Eating Betty ist ein in New York ansässiger Dubhead, der mittlerweile zwei CDs in Eigenregie eingespielt hat. Beiden hört man die Liebe zu den jamaikanischen Vorbildern deutlich an. Soundwise wurde hörbar maßgeblich mit Keyboard und Computer gearbeitet. Ein Frickler also, der wahrscheinlich Stunden um Stunden zum Ärger von Freunden in seinem Studio herumbastelt - umgeben von Rauchwolken, die sicher nicht nur durch vermehrte Hirnaktivität in die Luft gelangen. Dabei entstehen entspannte Dubbeats, die zum Chillen einladen. Eating Betty arbeitet dabei mit recht sparsam eingesetzten Effekten und wenigen Samples. Dadurch ähneln sich die Tracks, was dazu führt, dass "Reverbalism" bestens als Untermalung eines regnerischen Herbsttages oder für andere Gelegenheiten dienen kann. Das liegt auch daran, dass die Tunes nicht in Richtung Upbeat unterwegs sind. So richtig abtanzen kann man also nicht.Karsten Frehe thanks always to for several mentions and listings. And especially a big up for including Eating Betty's 'Pharaoh Is Dead' on their interesting and varied second dubcast - check the first one too...

A man I have been meaning to give thanks and praise to is one Ras Memo, a DJ on this Acik Radyo in Istanbul. His Show is called High Times. He has been kind enough to play Eating Betty a few times in the past and more recently has sent playlists. See them here pdf and here pdf - excellent company...

A big-up review from Music Ally:"This is dub with imagination. Excellent and very very heavy. Definately (sic) recommended for fans of the On-U Sound label...Best new dub album I've heard in a few years".

From Prince Thierry in France:

"got your 2 cd's, really wicked dub style" - "...I have played it in my last show and I will often play your dub Style!!!" - Prince Thierry

A nice, though slightly odd review (note - this is not Dub 'the American way' - Eating Betty does nothing in an American way-the 'Irish way perhaps?) from Dub Flash Records:

"Eating Betty... the first thing that pops to my mind when reading this is... sex. Quite unusual name for a dub artist for sure. I wonder if it has another meaning than the one which I am thinking of. ;-) But then again of course, names don't matter. It's the music that counts. And "Reverbalism" has quite some music to offer. Very relaxed dub tunes, the American way. Here you don't find heavy soundsystem tunes like from the UK but some smooth home listening dubs. A soundtrack for a picknick in the sun for example. But without being poppy like so many other American reggae groups. Eating Betty offers some strict and true dub sounds, very much in the Jamaican tradition with organs, horns and some bubbling echos, also very melodious, without being excessive melodic. Sympathic in a way, easy to consume. Friendly. And not being ashamed of using some kitschy childrens song as a fragment for a dub ("Jah Diamond Dub"). Funny. I often write in the reviews of UK 10"es that it's not suited for home listening. Well, here you have a record for your home. Or for your car. It's well balanced and can also be used for background music on a dinner party or something. 11 songs, 60 minutes of nice music." Rating - Four Stars.

Big-ups from Dr. Strangedub on KFAIFM's Echo Chamber site (you can also listen to Dr. Strangedub's radio shows archived here)About "The Dub Canon": "Another great dub from the ACEtone studios... I especially love the piano sections, and the way the pieces builds... and builds... to a climactic finish. Great work Allstars!" "I fit the "Fire on the Dubside" into our "Orbs, Aliens, and UFOs...inna Echo Chamber" special last week, along with "Big Red Star Dub...""EB (Eating Betty) stands out to me.......because it both encompasses rootical dub, and contains that uniqueness that makes it stand out.  Kind of like those sessions that Scratch did at the Black Ark -- instantly recognizable as Perry productions....a sound like no other.""As a DJ I hear so much music that it's hard for things to really stick and be memorable.  Eating Betty is memorable...""Then we pulled in some choice dub downloads from Eating Betty, Mucih, and Burning Babylon.  But this was only a start... Our eclectric (sic) dub brew also included great selections from: Trumystic, Jah Wobble, Dillinger, Mannasseh meets Equalizer, Dr. Israel, Arling & Cameron, Edward the Second & the Red Hot Polkas, Dub Syndicate, King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, Herman Chin-Loy, George Clinton, AB-10, Dhol Foundation, and others...  Now that's a mix you don't see every day."I just ordered "Reverbalism" from (minutes ago)... It includes a couple of my favorites: "Eating, Drinking Dub" and "Pharoah Is Dead Dub".  Great stuff!  And I have to say, the variety of styles, the heaviness & lightness, the mix of old school and new, makes Eating Betty stand out.  A lot of dub artists play fine dub....but sometimes the lack of range and wit (like interesting soundbytes) make it sound repetitive.  This never seems to be the case for Eating Betty.  I'm anxiously awaiting your next dub project. Please tell me you got a new album coming soon...- Dr. StrangeDub

Radio Malta REGGAE CLUB - at about the 20 minute mark you'll hear Manwel credit the track in Maltese - righteous! Also on the playlist page the Reverbalism cover is nicely and prominently displayed...

Scratch Thanks and praise to Chris Azevedo for putting Eating Betty on Scratch Radio. Righteous! Scratch is a crucial venue! A nice eclectic mix of all sounds mento, ska, rock steady, reggae and dub. GOOD sound quality too. Respect. Additionally, on 11/17/05 Eating Betty was honoured to hear 'Urgent Dub' from Eating Betty in Dub playing on Scratch Radio sandwiched between some massive dub and vocal tracks from JA. Honour to Chris! More tracks added to his playlist in June '06. Check it!

"I am especially fond of "Urgent Dub". I think it is all a great sound, in fact the CDs will be playing in my car for the next while. The two songs I've chosen fit very nicely with my playlist. I may add one or two more later. Thank you again... I like your music a lot" - Chris Azevedo

And...a postcard from the father of the main man of Eating Betty reads:"Got the CDs, many thanks. They are in a class of their own...I like them they are very pleasant listening"

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