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Farming gong since June 24th 2005, the Downing Street Gong Farmers take their name from a certain explosive document leaked to the British press in May of 2005 coupled with an unpleasant Tudor profession which this organ of record chooses not to describe. See middle column. Mike plays bass, Chris beats the skins and Mel abuses a Fender Telecaster and Marshall amplifier. While not engaged in sonic destruction the happy trio find employment in what could loosely be described as the glamourous world of publishing where their duties include...farming gong. If you can stomach it click on the links and prepare to be assailed by the pong of gong!

The Gong Farmer was the Tudor equivalent of a modern mobile toilet attendant. It was his job to empty the privies (a row of holes in a wooden plank over a tank) of private households. Once the Farmer’s vat was full of ‘gong’ (dung) he carted it outside the city walls. The job was so unsavoury that Gong Farmers were only allowed to work during the night and were forced to live together in designated areas. When tobacco arrived in this country most Gong Farmers became heavy smokers to mask the gut-wrenching pong of the gong!

Description courtesy of the Discovery Channel

International acclaim for the Downing Street Gong Farmers:

A listener in Germany writes "noisy, hardrocking shit. great. also funny: i was listening VERY loud to your favourite "dsgf_nudes" when k_ arrives and asks: "hu, what nice stuff is that?". so dsgf has at least two supporters in germany.

And from Hong Kong, Tommy enthuses "I just listening the song from you "The Many Nudes of Gong Street" It's really quite noise and it seems rarely to find someone singing in your music. 12 minutes of this song is good enough to wake up all my neighbours (in the small village & near the mountain).

The Noise on 6/24/05:




DSGF Pick a Letter

DSGF Chris Bass

DSGF Mike Drums

The Many Nudes of DSGF


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