a n t i c u c h o s

6/8 Studio March 17 2006

Mostly the line up is: Tim Drum Mike Bass Mel Gtr, but...

Lest there be any confusion, and there must be a lots of that:

Drums: Mike / Guitar: Tim / Bass: Mel

One so rarely hears anything that really fucks with the norm and I am honoured to have played on this, which made me wonder what I thought I was playing on the guitar all of these years. This is excellent! So much color, texture. I can die peacefully now! Tim channels Zoot Horn Rollo...


sort of like a horrible Ray Manzarek moment. Mother...I want to...I want...I want to...hug you. Sonicly interesting to those that find such things of interest.

Elephant Wading
sort of Bo Diddley, Monks, Fall. I like it. It would be great to hear a vocal on this. Great drums.
It is Usual
got to love this. See below for grass fattened bovine version 
Odious Perhaps
Tim hammers on hammers off a demonic rhythm in the smithy of the Anticucho soul. A touch of Keith Levine playing I suspect. Mike and Mel try to keep up. Accidental but a definite Joy Div. PIL thing going on here. Was I actually there?  


Mike takes us to the much overlooked overlook. Uh huh...
Quite Usual
So called because it is default mode. Deserves a remix when I'm not deaf. And fifteen billion guitar overdubs.
Random Title
Get's more interesting about halfway through. And sort of turns into 'Only Love Will Conquer' by Prince Alla. Some tone, but a bit shrill. The drum mix is a bit wrong.
Rapidly Encroaching
Whatever it is, it is coming soon. A hint of a boogie towards the end...
Isn't it Usual?
Too dense yes, a rough mix, a lot of fun. Did someone offer cheese? String cheese? Two chords will do it for me...